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Dancing wooden toy man like the wooden dancing toy seen on the " Ellen DeGeneres Show "

Dancin' Joe - a Wooden Toy of Exceptional Value!

Wooden toys usually teach. Dancin' Joe the wooden toy dancing man teaches rythym, the joy of music and encourages participation.

You can see him in action on the Dancin' Joe Videos! There is a short video version. The short version takes a while to download and view if you have a dial-up internet connection - please be patient ;-) Dancin' Joe is ready to entertain you!


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Freedan ©, our mascot, LOVES Dancin' JOE!! Ever seen a cow tap-dance?


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Hey - Dancing Joe is on YouTube! If you have a problem with launching or viewing the AVI movie below - just go to YOUTUBE and check out our wooden dancing man toy there. Please vote for him and make him a popular guy!

Action Wooden Toys - Featurin Dancin' Joe!

Charming and simple, yet sophisticated, Dancin' Joe is sure to please young and old alike.

We searched for several years to find the style of dancing man that was common "back in the days".

Without imposing great details on the piece, Dancin' Joe takes on many personalities and appeal.Invite him home with you today!

Click these links and watch him perform! Download the Short video version (Clicking these links will start the video download. Windows Media Player recommended for .AVI files)

The above file links are complete with sound. It takes from 3-5 minutes for this movie to load in the screen here for you to see (without sound). The "tap-dancing" sound is a lot of fun - so get the download file too to save on your computer and play for your kids - they'll get a real kick out of it!

When downloading the file or waiting for this page file to load, you can click on the "file" command in the top left of your browser, open a new window, minimize this page or the download file window, and continue surfing while the download completes. He is only $ 42.95 which includes ALL shipping costs - so order now!

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  Dancing wooden toy man like the wooden dancing toy seen on the " Ellen DeGeneres Show " - Buy "Dancin' Joe - the Wooden Dancing Doll" today!
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