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Christian Craft Kits - Faith Based Craft Kits

Christian - faith based crafts - We are honored to launch a section devoted to Christian and faith based crafts. Since The Handmade, Homemade Toy Shop Catalog is a Christian owned and operated store, we wanted to bring these Christian focused crafts and craft kits to you. We hope you enjoy these Christian craft kits and order often - don't forget to order several and donate them to the Sunday School classes! These Christian craft kits are a wonderful way to bring the joy of Jesus Christ early into little lives and open the floor for discussion and Bible study. After the items are made, they carry a story of love and the story of Jesus Christ with them - so order your Christian Craft kits today! We will be adding quite a few so check back often.
Kids Craft Kits  - Dr. Toy Awarded!
New! - Faith-based Craft Kits
Kids have fun and express their faith with these projects they make!

A beloved story - "Footprints" is embellished on the center of this great craft kit. 4 1/2" w x 10" h.

$7.95 each plus $3.65 s/h Order now!




Charming paper Cross Box Craft Kit - a real FAVORITE. Includes Materials And Instructions (Boxes Measure 3” X 5 1/2”)

Glue Not Included. $7.95 plus $3.65 s/h - Order Now!



King David would be proud to use this as one of his prized treasure chests - IF it was made exclusively for him from this kit!

4 1/2" x 2 5/8" x 3 3/4" Craft Stick Treasure Chest Craft Kit.

Glue Not Included. $7.95 plus $3.65 s/h - Order Today!


Trains 'n Things - Wooden Trains
Wavey Tracks - Great wooden train tracks!

Wooden Board Games - FABULOUS!

Rocking Toys - Boats, Lions, Giraffes
Rocking Dory Boat
Handcarved African Rocking Animals
Handcrafted Birdhouses

Games - Cribbage, Mancala, more!
Dinosaurs - solid walnut - Beautiful!
Sailboats - plans, kits, pre-made
Handmade Baby Gift Sets !
Hurry - FREE Four-Tone Train Whistle - Limited offer!

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Safe Baby Toys - keepsake rattles
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Religious Cross Stitch Card Kits

3 1/2" x 4 5/8" Religious Cross Stitch Card Kit. Includes card, envelope, needle, printed canvas and floss - Adult Supervision is required. Assorted designs - we choose your design.
Artist Flower Pot - $9.95 plus $3.65 s/h

Order now - Buy one get one FREE!

NEW! Religious Artist Flower Pot

3 3/4" Plastic Religious Artist Flower Pot. Includes 3 assorted paper inserts. Pull inner pot out, place insert in between and snap closed. Each boxed. Markers not included.

Artist Flower Pot - $9.95 plus $3.65 s/h


NEW! Feather and Marabou Angel Wings

Get ready for Christmas plays and other plays in your church group with these adorable Angel Wings!

27” x 25” Feather and Marabou Angel Wings. Each with two elastic straps.

Adorable wings only $14.95 plus $3.65 s/h!


Feature Products
handmade toys and homemade toys - yours at THHTSC
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One of our best sellers for over 5 years
- The Rocking Dory Boat! This is an actual replica of a Maine fishing dory boat created exclusively by a former fisherman! True beauty, quality and fun!

handmade toys and homemade toys - yours at THHTSC
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"2001 Parents Choice Recommended Winner" Maple Landmark "Name Trains!"® - Brio compatible!


Dancin Joe - nostalgic wooden dancing toy from THHTSC!
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What a Nostalgic Toy! Here's "Dancin' Joe", a THHTSC favorite. Click on his video to see him go! (Link starts download of .AVI movie file. Please give it time to load.)
Handcarved African Rocking  animals - exquisit rocking animal toys!
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NEW! One-of-a-kind, handcarved African Rocking Animals - 6 to choose from. You must see these!

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WaveyTrack™ - The ultimate in new style design wooden train tracks. You'll love em' (and so will the kids!).

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Games - The cherry wood Train Cribbage game is fabulous. The new Lighthouse Cribbage set is a "must have" for gamers and collectors!

There are over 20 other beautiful, unique "wooden board games" in our GAMES section!

Tooth Fairy Tooth Box

Cute, fun, and full of memories! Tooth Fairy "Tooth Box" is a delightful addition to your family traditions!

Comes in package of 2.

The Starcruiser Ride on Toy - See the X-15 Rocket and Farm Tractor ride on toys too! This is the StarCruiser, one of three charming ride on scooters - NEW! at THHTSC! See all 3!
Finest Kind Wooden Birdhouses come with a kids birdwatching guide! NEW! Kids love birdwatching and YOU'LL love the way these large, charming handcrafted birdhouses look!

Baby Bib and Toy Gift Sets already gift boxed and ready to go to the shower!

Adorable, high quality baby toys that show you REALLY care!

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