Kid's Craft Kits
Toys are fun. Making your own toys is MORE FUN! Kids love toy craft kits. It builds their self esteem, pride, and they enjoy their toy "creations" more since THEY made it!
Not to mention, kids LEARN dexterity, colors, shapes, and following instructions to complete the toy projects.

Kits for older kids give them a sense of accomplishment unparalleled by "empty rewards" gained through electronic toys. How GREAT!

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Featured Kits -- Children's Felt Art Kits

Award Winning Children's Crafting Kits

Dr. Stevanne Auerbach - "Dr. Toy" selected these kits by New Englander Crafts to be in the coveted "Top 100 Products for Kid's Vacation & Travel Time - 1999". 

Felt Wall Banners
Children will love creating these charming felt wall banners. The seasonal, mosaic, country and nature themes are sure to spark your child's imagination and creativity while providing hours of fun. The kits come with two designs, several brightly colored felts, sequins, glue, card stock patterns, easy to follow directions and 12" cinnamon sticks. 
                    A great gift for children and crafters of all ages!
#1 - Touch of Nature
Features a butterfly felt wall
banner and "fish" wall banner
Touch Of Nature
Price: $15.99
S/H:   $ 3.75 - shipped Priority
Total - $19.74  (includes  Priority S/H)

#2 - American Heritage
Features a ship felt wall banner and American Flag felt wall banner.
American Heritage
Price: $15.99
S/H:   $ 3.75 - shipped Priority
Total - $19.74  (includes  Priority S/H)

#3 - Seasonal Wreaths
Features a seasonal "deer" wreath and "bunny" wreath.
Seasonal Wreaths
Price: $15.99
S/H:   $ 3.75 - shipped Priority
Total - $19.74  (includes  Priority S/H)

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