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INDY RACER PEDAL CAR! This is a classic work of art.

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INDY RACER PEDAL CAR - Talk About the Ultimate Little Red Sports Car!

This INDY RACER PEDAL CAR is such a beautiful work of art, kids will think that they have the
"real thing". Durable, fun, and very, very sporty, it has a sturdy wood chassis with steel axles,
drive train, steering controls, and dual exhaust. It is chain driven with a coaster gear and an inboard
braking system to slow the car.

Besides the superb handcrafting that goes into every Indy Racer Pedal Car, other special features include
12" spoke steel wire wheels, deluxe steering wheel, and an upholstered adjustable seat which moves forward
and backwards for children of all ages. The walnut stained dash and console feature a speedometer, tachometer
and fuel gauge for the "real motoring feel"! Tired of finding the kids jackets "somewhere" down the driveway
when they get too hot playing with riding toys? Not with this sporty car! The trunk opens to provide a very handy
storage place! (Just perfect for jackets, and quite a few other things!).

Of course, red sporty cars with black trim like the one pictured are very trendy, but you can pick
from other colors like yellow, green, black or white with matching trim. The finish is non-toxic, the
engine is kid-horsepower (which is pretty heavy duty), and this Indy Racer Pedal Car will be freight
handled to your parking space for $825.00. Call for freight prices or write "Additional Freight
Charge Accepted" for credit card orders in the space for notes and comments on the order form when
you submit your order. We'll automatically add the appropriate amount. A true heirloom in quality,
but all the kids will see is happy roads ahead!

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Indy Racer Pedal Car
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