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  • Clacker Game (tm) an Original Game
  • Push Rattle (original design) - toddlers
  • Boat Puzzle - Excellent Gaming!
  • Fishing Rod and Reel with Fish!
  • Marbles Solitaire Game - Very Popular
  • Stick Horse - toddlers - Original design of a favorite toy
  • Name Trains (tm) - Name Trains (tm) are internationally famous and you can order them here!
  • Noah's Ark Train Set - Animals instead of train cars.
  • Limited Edition Collectible 2002 Toy Train Engines - fits on all wooden train tracks, especially ours!
  • Wavey Tracks (tm) - Tired of the same old plain tracks?  Check out the great new Wavey Tracks (tm)! They're fantastic!
  • Name Puzzles - Entirely unique hidden, interlocking technique holds these great name puzzles together.
  • Rocking Dory Boat - Featured on our home page and one of our best-sellers.
  • Spotwood Pond Boat - Working pond boat. Also available, pond boat kits and pond boat woodworking plans.
  • Ticklets - Not really a toy, but they are so fun and unique, we feel these handmade accessories deserve recognition!
  • Dinosaurs - Solid walnut and maple make up these extremely beautiful, very FUN dinosaurs. The kids love 'em!
  • Children's Felt Art Kits - Banners - Award winning and recommended children's kits for fun and education!
  • Handcrafted Birdhouses - for a limited time, the Kids Birdwatching Birdhouses will also get a FREE birdwatching guide manual.
  • Wooden Toy Train Club - Join Us! It is like Christmas all year long!!!
  • Kids Craft Kits  - Dr. Toy Awarded - excellent learning kids kit!
  • African Rocking Animals - Handcarved unbelieveable quality! No loose, moving parts. Very solid, very sturdy, artistic piece!
  • Safe Baby Toys - keepsake rattle and other items.
  • Mancala - choice of pine or luscious cherry wood. Includes stones.
  • Name Train ™ Train and Track Sets - Now we offer full sets with trains, tracks and some have town buildings! Coming Soon in Feb. 2002!
  • Hang-A-Name Blocks ™ - Truly personal and great for shower gifts up through 12 years old - endearing keepsake forever! Coming Soon!
  • Cherry Wood Lighthouse Shaped Cribbage Set - with pegs and instructions. Fabulous!
  • Cherry Wood Train Engine - Shaped Cribbage Set - with pegs and instructions. Awesome set.
  • Color Cube Puzzle - colorful version of the classic Soma Cube puzzle - great for kid entertainment on long trips. Coming Soon in Feb. 2002!
  • Chinese Checkers - cherry wood with natural finish and instructions engraved on the back of the playing board - very nostalgic!
  • Four-Tone Train Whistle - can be engraved with letters or your company logo!!!
  • Classic Yo-Yo - what little kid can be without a wooden yo-yo??? These can be personalized with initials! Coming Soon in Feb. 2002!
  • RailBlox ™ - There isn't an explaination for these. You just have to see them - exquisite!!! Coming Soon in Feb. 2002!
  • Wooden Toy Planes - Coming Soon in Feb. 2002!
  • Wooden Toy Cars and Trucks - Coming Soon in Feb. 2002!
  • Kids Birdwatching Birdhouses - These are absolutely great for the entire family. Beautiful in the yard and very educational for nature watching.
  • Handcarved African Rocking Animals - Many animals! Giraffe, Rhino, Lion, Warthog, Hippo, and Elephant made of beautiful natural African pine.
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  Kids Craft Kits  - Dr. Toy Awarded!
  Trains 'n Things - Wooden Trains
  Wooden Board Games - FABULOUS!

Rocking Toys - Boats, Lions, Giraffes
Rocking Dory Boat
Handcarved African Rocking Animals

Handcrafted Birdhouses

  Games - Cribbage, Mancala, more!
  Dinosaurs - solid walnut - Beautiful!
Sailboats - plans, kits, pre-made
Safe Baby Toys - keepsake rattles
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