Oh, Junk Journals...The Beautiful Misunderstood Mayhem...

Oh, Junk Journals...The Beautiful Misunderstood Mayhem...

Oh, junk diaries. The beautiful mayhem that gives goose bumps to any person who loves creative doings. Junk journals, on the other hand, have so many things, from pieces of paper, water colors, receipts, ledgers, pockets, pockets inside of tucks inside of envelopes, to random sketches and fashionable printed memories that Mary Condo might have an immediate heart attack. In essence, they are their own magical kingdom. For some folks though, appreciating these quirky pieces of art is not very different from looking for one clean page in a well-loved journal.

But what’s the matter with people who do not appreciate junk books just like other individuals do? Let’s get into this!

First of all, They Can’t Stand Chaos

For those who thrive on tidiness and organization, the randomness of junk journals might be too much for them to handle. This implies that perhaps there is an order behind all these rough edges but without experience eyes, it is just a confusion. It can be frustrating as well as impossible to unravel the conglomeration of odds and ends that comprise these journals- like trying unraveling a skein of wool someone’s cat played with.

Secondly They Lack Creativity

Creating junk journals involves laboring over it with love so that one gets in touch with his or her inner artist while letting the mind be free in ideas. However, for a person who can hardly draw anything beyond stick figures or dress without clashing colors together, the thought of making up a junk journal is similar to death by boredom. They can't see the end because the beginning is in the way. This person just doesn’t comprehend why anyone would want to use old movie tickets or ripped out pages from books we never owned as a way of making something nice or having meaning. They don't understand that the purpose of having a junk journal is to further MAKE it YOUR junk, YOUR thoughts, YOUR writing to join the existence of others that have come before you. How ultra-special that is!

Lastly They’re Afraid of what They Don’t Know

You never know what will come your way when you open a junk diary – it remains unexplored territory. Some feel thrilled by its unpredictability while others find this intimidating. If they lack creative vision, they do not see what it can become and how personal it will be. They would rather write on lined paper whose surface is smooth everywhere than enter into such an alien environment. Organization does not require anything except following orders and rules. Understanding how "inking an edge" gives beauty to a scrap of paper bag or "schmooshing a ribbon with some glue" to make what kind of resembles a bow on a tea stained paper may be a stretch for the line-loving crowd.

So next time you find someone who doesn’t figure out what junk journals are all about just smile at him or her and hope that they will let their guard down someday. While this person may never appreciate the fun of making beautiful messes, those of us committed to junk journals shall always treasure the confusion and creativity that define our existence. Besides, there's no time to worry about it when we have our favorite glue, fake vellum, vintage stickers, plus a stack of ancient magazines constantly occupying our very creative minds! 

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