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Belleek Limpet Design TC 1006 Vintage China Teapot, lid, creamer and sugar bowl SET- Stunning!

Belleek Limpet Design TC 1006 Vintage China Teapot, lid, creamer and sugar bowl SET- Stunning!

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Antique Belleek experts state that these three items: the teapot, creamer and sugar bowl, have surpassed numerous others due to their high level of artistry and agelessness. The thing that makes them stand out is a tenderly hand-painted Limpet shell characteristic that adds some touch to any given table.

People who collect antiques have always cherished Belleek china because it is a mixture of Irish culture and high-quality porcelain. Experts in this particular area will tell you that the Limpet design is sought after because of its detailed nature and traditional charm. TC 1006 is the identifying marker in each individual piece thus signifying its genuineness.

In professional circles dealing with antiquities, Belleek Limpet is considered great collectibles whose value is very high. The fact that they are rare and superior in quality means that they are an important asset for anyone who wants to give the collection a touch of class. The timeless quality of Belleek china guarantees that these items will remain as desirable ornaments hence their price will not go down in future.

The Belleek Limpet teapot, the creamer, and the sugar bowl are items that will be treasured by generations to come whether placed on display or when used in special events. They are proof to the deeply-rooted history behind them because of their exquisite nature implying that every collector cannot do without them.

We came across these pieces at a private estate sale and acquired them at an unbelievable price - so we are passing along the opportunity to you to own a set of this exquisite china for a very reasonable investment. If you were to go to, you would see that this exact set of china would total over $250.00!

One set only - so grab the chance to own this selection of quality and history right now!

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