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Vintage Kraft Envelope Set - 10pcs

Vintage Kraft Envelope Set - 10pcs

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Elevate your junk journal envelope, pocket, and correspondence game with our Vintage Kraft Envelope Set!

💌 What it is - A pack of 10pcs of thickened retro printed kraft envelopes in a business envelope style. Perfect for wedding invitations, scrapbooking, or gifting.

💼 Why you’ll love it - These envelopes exude a charming vintage vibe, adding a touch of elegance to your mail. The high-quality kraft paper ensures durability and style in every use.

✨ Why you need it - Ideal for adding a personalized and unique touch to your correspondence. The retro design makes these envelopes stand out and perfect for various occasions.

Each 10-piece set includes envelopes sized at 12x20 cm, available in 4 retro options.

How to use: Fill these envelopes with your heartfelt messages, invitations, or small gifts before sealing them with love.

Guarantee: Contact us for discounts on large orders and make your mail even more special with our Vintage Kraft Envelopes!

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