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Eric Hill Papercraft Studio

Imaginary Writing Paperintables (TM) Digital Download Ephemera Kit

Imaginary Writing Paperintables (TM) Digital Download Ephemera Kit

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Original Paperintables (TM) - digital files of original artwork from Eric Hill Papercraft Studio, signed and ready to print out for use in your art projects! Great for ephemera making, journal creation and much more. Print over and over for many projects - you get lifetime use.

Also enjoy using artwork that is original. No one will look at your cards, scrapbooks or journals and say "Hey! I saw those papers in Dollar Bush!". Your creations will have a more personal touch with Paperintables (TM).

5 full pages of printable files are included in each Paperintables (TM) kit and many times there will be bonus files included. If detailed instructions are needed, they will either be included in the files or instructional videos will be available on Youtube.

What is Imaginary Handwriting?
Imaginary Handwriting or "Fake Handwriting" is a style and form of art that imitates the art of handwriting without actually being formed, legible words. It takes a mental effort of "disconnect" in order to produce!

Please Note: Images in any Paperintables (TM) kit are printable and usable and may be printed and used by the buyer for any project intended for resale or personal use. However, the digital files may NOT be reproduced in whole or in part in any digital format of any type for use or sale as a digital file in any other digital format Imaginary Writing Paperintables (TM) Digital Download Ephemera Kit
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